Fantastic Beasts - Dougal the Demiguise 1/16 scale

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Harry Potter Wizarding World Collection 1:16 Eaglemoss - Dougal the Demiguise

Now you see it! Dougal, a kind-hearted Demiguise, invisibly joins the Wizarding World Figurine Collection.

Dougal is a Demiguise and has the ability to turn invisible. To make it even more difficult to catch, a Demiguise has a precognitive vision to foresee the most likely immediate future. Thankfully, they are peaceful creatures and use their abilities when threatened.

This beautiful highly detailed Dougal figurine captures the ape appearance of the Demiguise with long silky fur covering its entire body apart from its face, hands and feet. Its large round eyes and long eyebrows give the creature a slightly doleful demeanor. It climbs the stack of wrapped gift boxes holding a bag of candies as seen in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

This figurine is accompanied by a full-color glossy collector's guide looking at Dougal's key moments, learn more about the Wizarding World and relive a memorable scene from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Product details:

Product: Two Officially Licensed Figurines
Collection: Wizarding World Figurine Collection
Material: Hand-Painted Metallic Resin
Scale: 1:16
Height: Approx. 4 inches
Packaging: Boxed With Protective Blistering

UPC: 5059072000253

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