MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos

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This model thoroughly replicates the Gundam Frame's internal mechanism and the Ahub reactor. Parts are molded in the appropriate colors, featuring an expansive range of dynamic movement. The information density is on par with a Master Grade kit.

The 4th form accurately reflects the exterior's color scheme through molding, showcasing the detailed information typical of MG kits. The Gundam Frame's internal structure emphasizes the in-play setting and incorporates silver plating for the cylinder.

Unique to this MG is the initial Gimbic spinning gimmick in the chest Ahab reactor. The upper body features a movable shaft connecting the internal frame, cylinder, and armor, allowing for dynamic poses. The shoulder cylinder mimics mechanical movement, enhancing Barbatos's dynamic stances.

Knee mobility is boosted through the frame and cylinder interaction, with parts at the rear of the knees providing an expanded range of motion. The hip shaft enables the standby position's left-right swing and hip movement, perfect for expressive waiting poses.

The kit includes three hand part options, and weapons can be affixed to the palm of the hand with the weapon owner's specific hand. The mace features a sliding grip and tip, while the glide gun boasts a slide and folding gimmick, enhancing playability with a locking mechanism.

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