RG 08 Gundam MK II (A.E.U.G.) 1/144

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Seized from the Titans by Kamille Bidan, the RX-178 Gundam Mark II was reconfigured by the AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group) to oppose the reign of terror imposed by the Titans during the Gryps Conflict.

The RG series incorporates the most cutting-edge injection-molding technology, offering a fresh assembly experience designed to cater to both seasoned model builders and newcomers. With a pre-assembled inner frame, construction becomes a straightforward process, featuring finely sculpted parts on top.

Each RG model is meticulously designed with a focus on authenticity. Elaborate decals, nuanced component separation and coloring, dynamic articulation, and mechanical features ensure that your model will stand out in its full glory without the need for any additional modifications.

Once assembled, the model reaches a height of approximately 130mm. No glue or plastic cement is necessary.

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