Genesis: Battle of Champions Invasion Booster Box

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15 Cards per Pack
24 Packs per Display


A tactical collectible card game.

It is an exciting time for Genesis: Battle of Champions - both within the game, and outside of it.

Inside the game, an Invasion has begun. Lost to history and thought to be merely a myth, demons have returned and are trying to claim a foothold in Jaelara. With all five affiliations to play as, this new set features some of the most diverse deckbuilding options and visually stunning artwork yet.

Outside of the game, a new era has begun. Edge of Exile Entertainment has taken up the reigns and brought a new vision to the game itself with a new logo, new card back artwork, and new templating for improved legibility and increased visibility of the stunning artwork featured on each card in this new set. 

Invasion introduces 7 new champions and 130 cards to expand the Genesis experience.

Set Breakdown

  • 7 Champions
  • 50 Common cards
  • 47 Uncommon cards
  • 33 Rare cards
  • 8 Subconscious cards

Booster Pack Breakdown

  • 8 Common Cards
  • 4 Uncommon Card
  • 2 Rare Card
  • 1 Champion Card
  • 1 Subconscious Card

Rare cards can appear as full art (Epic) variants, and foil full art (Epic Foil) variants.

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